Cleaning Essentials

Machine longevity and tasty coffee are two byproducts of good maintenance. 

A burr grinder & your coffee machine are the essential tools in your coffee brewing arsenal and sets the stage for the quality of your daily cup. A regular cleaning doesn't have to be a chore and will ensure your brews are tasting their absolute best.

Urnex is are one of the most well-known and widely-used coffee machine (and grinder) cleaning brand in the industry. Hazel & Hershey is the official distributor of Urnex for Hong Kong.  

Urnex products are available in powder, tablet, liquid and capsule forms for use on a variety of equipment in coffee shops, offices, restaurants and at home, including:

•  Traditional Espresso
•  Superautomatics
•  Filter Coffee
•  Cold Brew
•  Milk Systems
•  Grinders
•  Single Serve Coffee & Espresso
•  Tea Brewers
•  Roasting Equipment

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