Nothing gives you greater control over your coffee than roasting it yourself. Yet this flexibility isn’t the only reason to roast at home.

Freshness is a big factor: some green beans can be stored for up to a year after harvest without going stale. Roasted beans, however, start to lose their flavours and aromas after just a couple of weeks. Buying green and roasting small amounts every week, or even every day, will ensure that your coffee always stays fresh.

If you’re looking to make the leap from home roaster to professional, it may be worth going back to school. Coffee roasting school, that is!

There are many coffee roasting classes you can take across the world, that will help you learn some of in-depth science behind making coffee taste great. Here at Hazel & Hershey, we offer different levels of SCA courses covering Roasting, Brewing, Sensory, Barista Art etc. 

Also, you would enjoy the advantage to be part of our team after your completion of the course - only if you are interested and ready to turn your passion to your life career. We're always looking out for talented individuals to join our Barista team and Roastery team. Check this out

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