Gesha coffee? Is it worth the price to try a cup?

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Had you ever heard of Gesha coffee? 

Coffee lovers learnt the big name because its surprisingly won the heart of the judges in the 2004 Panama’s Best Coffee Auction, for those who dont know much about coffee, they might be relate wrongly to the Japanese entertainer, while most of us, known about this coffee beans because of its unbelievably high price tag. For your information, a pound of Gesha coffee can cost up to US$600. This brought us to the main concern: Is it worth the price to try a cup?

To decide whether if it worths, we need to learn more about this exceptional coffee cherries. First of all, Gesha coffee was not originated from Japan, or as most of us known, from Panama, it is actually originated from Ethiopia. 

Where does Gesha coffee comes from and why is it so expensive?

Ethiopia has long been a coffee origin, it's coffee production dates back to dozens of centuries ago. Until 1930s, the Gesha coffee planted in the mountainous region of Ethiopia was first being identified. 

In the 1950s, the coffee cherries was brought to the continent across the South Atlantic Ocean and landed in Costa Rica. Since then, Gesha coffee start its way to the east and finally reached Panama around 1960s. 

Today, this expensive coffee cherries are grown in a very specific region named Volcan Baru in Panama. Volcan Baru is the tallest mointain in the country, surrounded by the fertile soil that favours the growth of Gesha coffee beans, with the cool highland weather which further pecfecting the flavour profile from the Gesha coffee. 

Is Gesha coffee worth the price?

As said, Gesha coffee can cost up to US$600 per pound, but is it worth the dollars?

The answer is absolutely YES

Imagine you are in an volcanic mountain region, growing normal plants are already difficult enough, adding the fact that Gesha coffee cherries demands a very specific environmental conditions to grow, which makes it even harder to get the Gesha to perfect.

Since only a certain amount of Gesha coffee can be grown every year, the scarse supply leads to a much higher price than other coffee beans. 

Apart from its rare production, the exceptional flavour profile, the texture, the aroma and the consistency of Gesha coffee makes the demands soar high each and every day.

If you know coffee well enough, you should undoubtedly get your hands on a cup, especially if its readily available. Even for someone who just loves coffee, its also a precious opportunity to have a sip of the flavour that blown all the coffee experts away. 

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{ source from: Craft Coffee Guru }

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