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 O U R  C O F F E E 

 1 : Can I buy Fair Trade coffee or Rainforest Alliance certified beans from you?

  • While labels such as Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance certified are one way to assure your coffee is being sourced responsibly, we have found direct trade to be in our producer’s best interest. 
  • What’s direct trade? Well, it’s more of a method than an organisation. Adopting direct trading allows roasters (us) to buy directly from those who grow coffee beans. We switched from importing to investing in a long-term relationship with our producers back in 2018 and since then we’ve not only been able to bring bean defects to a minimum but really make a lasting impact on coffee beans producing countries. 

 2 : Are your beans quality-checked?

  • Quality control is a process-wide procedure in roasting coffee. It takes place in every step possible in order to maintain a high standard of coffee. 
  • We’ve got the process down to a few key steps: Monitoring the cultivation process from origin with farmers that grow our beans; Minimising the defect rate during the roasting, sorting and storage period and lastly, carrying out regular Cupping checks to ensure the consistency of coffee flavour. 
  • Every tiny step counts! We love that you want to learn more about them. 

 3 : What’s your roasting schedule like?

  • Like you, our job begins first thing on Mondays. We ship coffee beans the day after they’ve been roasted. To ensure the freshest coffee possible, we don’t have excess inventory of roasted beans in our roastery. 
  • If you’ve ordered two or more coffees with different roasting dates, you can choose to receive them separately, so that you always stay caffeinated. 

 4 : I don’t have a grinder at home – what should I do?

  • If you need help with grinding your coffee beans, find one of our baristas upon purchase at our shop. They’re more than happy to help! 
  • Or, why not get one for yourself? We have a number of electric and manual electric grinders available on our online store for your home brewing bar. 

 5 : How should I store my coffee?

  • We recommend keeping your coffee beans in the original package and keep it zip locked every time after use.  Storing in a dark and cool place, where direct sunlight and humidity can be avoided. Don't forget to seal your coffee bag air-tight after opening! 
  • If you’d like to divide the coffee beans into smaller portions, we would recommend using a recycle coffee bag and bag sealer which you can find here. 
  • Freshness and flavour flatten as time passes so it’s best if you consume your coffee within 3 months of its roasting date (we have ours printed on the top left corner of the coffee bag). 

 6 : Should I buy the most recently roasted bean for the best taste?

  • Coffee beans need to undergo a little natural process called degassing after they’ve been roasted. Degassing releases trapped Co2 from the coffee beans and the perfect degas time (4-14 days) is the key to striking a perfect flavour balance. 
  • Fortunately, anything on our shelves have already gone through the degassing process and are perfect for instant enjoyment. So, Next Roasting date? Not really! 
  • Though if you want beans from the next roasting date, they’re also available! Just don’t forget to let the beans oxidise so you can enjoy the perfect flavour. 
  • Learn more about degassing? click here 


  P L A C I N G  O R D E R 

 1 : What are your business hours?
  • Our online shop operates 24/7. 
  • If you have a question, shoot it over at #CoffeeDailyDose an exclusive platform for all coffee newbies and lovers for coffee tips and tricks. Our service team will get back to you as soon as we can. 
 2 : Do you take orders over the phone? 
  • Unfortunately, we don’t – unless you have a really really special reason! (Like you’re from the distant future where coffee has mysteriously stopped existing). We only take orders in store or on our online shop, so yes, sorry this means no email either. In addition, We do take orders through our line official account ID: @hazelnhershey.th .
 3 : What payment methods do you accept?
  • We accept PayMe, FPS, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, MasterCard & Visa. 
  • Your payment is absolutely secured. 
 4 : Can I get an invoice?
  • We’ll send you a confirmation email with an invoice once your order’s been placed and accepted. Be sure to enter a valid email and sign up for marketing updates (it’s where we announce exclusive offers). Hey, we promise not to spam you with email blasts!
 5 : How long does it usually take for my order to be fulfilled? 
  • It’s frustrating waiting for your order to come! We get it. We always try to fulfill all orders within 24 hours of its placement, except Mondays. Don’t get us wrong! No, we don’t hate Mondays – we’re just busy roasting delicious coffee then!
 6 : Can I purchase on-site?
  • Sure thing! We open every day at 10 am-6 pm. Our team will assist you to find your favourite beans and tools at the shop. You can visit us at Jagged Thailand RCA.
 7 : I found the same product cheaper on another website, do you price match?
  • We are proud to say that we are the official distributor to most of the brands on our website. Buying from an official distributor guarantees the quality of the products. They come with the manufacturers’ warranty and after-sales service. These are generally where the price differences account for. 



 S H I P P I N G  

1 : Do you deliver to my area?
  • Our love for coffee knows no bounds. We ship to every region in Thailand.
 2 : How much is shipping?
  • Shipping cost depends on the product weight. Once you proceed to checkout, our website will automatically calculate it for you.
 3 : Can I choose my order courier?
We’ve tried and tested and think that this shipping courier work best. 
  • Kerry Express
Check our Shipping page to learn more

 4 : How do I track my order?

Kerry Express services provide package tracking service. Use the shipping number provided to track your order here:

  • https://th.kerryexpress.com/th/home



 A F T E R - S A L E S  S E R V I C E  

 1 : Can I get my products fixed even after the warranty has expired?
  • Please approach us if maintenance service is required. The repairing costs will be quoted separately on basis of its condition. 
 2 : How do I contact you if I have questions after purchase?
  • Funny you should ask...we made a group #CoffeeDailyDose - just for you! It’s not just an after-sales platform but a hub for all the coffee lovers to share their experience and passion for coffee.
 3 :  Will my purchasing information be used for promotional purposes?
  • Don’t worry – we promise any information provided will not be used for any purposes without your consent (we’re just here for the coffee!) 
  • If you did want updates on exclusive offers or other exciting news, follow us on Instagram, Facebook or join #CoffeeDailyDose. We’ll be announcing our pop up beans collection soon but shh...you didn’t hear it from us.



 W H O L E S A L E 

 1 : I’m a coffee shop owner. Is there any help I can get from you?
  • We would love to contribute to our fellows. We provide wholesales service, from tools to beans, batista training and all the coffee-related products you need to run a coffee shop.
  • We also provide consultant service to start or improve your shop. Please visit the wholesales session or email us for more information.
 2 : My company needs a coffee corner, can I get a package offer for corporate purchase?
  • No two companies are the same so we’re pleased to say, we offer tailor made packages for our corporate clients, from choices of coffee machines and grinders to custom blends. Email us for more details.
  • Find us on social media or visit for a good chat anytime, get connected and socialised. 

    Where to find us?
    21/88 Block D, RCA, Soi Soonvijai, Rama 9 Road, Bangkok
    Tel: 02-203-1403  | Email: eka@hazelnhershey.com
    Facebook: Hazel & Hershey Thailand Instagram : hazelnhershey.th

 3 : I keep hearing about green beans...what are they and can I buy them from you?
  • Yes! We’re glad you asked. While some coffee shops might opt for the import model, we like to source directly from origins. It allows more freedom to give our input on the farming methods used to cultivate our coffee. It’s how we’ve consistently kept our bean defect rate under 0.1-0.2%.
  • We wrote a journal post about this! To binge on direct trading practices, click here



 C O F F E E  E D U C A T I O N 

 1 : I’m interested in becoming a barista. Can I take a training course?
  • Sure! We’re always looking forward to meeting the next line of talented baristas and even happier if we can say we’ve made a little mark on their career. To learn about our training courses, head to our Education page.
  • Of course, you can also take the courses simply for fun! We recommend the Introduction to Coffee course, if you’d like to learn more about your favourite drink.
 2 : What’s SCA and why should I take an SCA-certified coffee course instead of other courses?
  • The Specialty Coffee Association, also known as SCA, is a trade association that encompasses coffee farmers, baristas and roasters. A unifying force that holds specialty coffee to a high standard worldwide. 
  • Becoming SCA-certified has now become widely recognised in the coffee world and for those looking to turn their passion into a profession it’s a worthy investment with invaluable benefit.
 3 : Is SCA the only path to becoming a coffee professional? I’m not SCA-certified but I really want to start my coffee career now.
  • SCA training is recommended of course, but if you’re interested in beginning your professional coffee career now, did we mention we’re looking for new team members? 
  • No experience is required as we’ll train you on the ground as well as offer SCA courses to equip you with necessary knowledge but we are looking for driven individuals who are passionate about coffee.


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