A B O U T . U S


Hazel & Hershey is a coffee company built around what makes coffee good: thoughtfully sourced beansinnovative coffee products and all-embracing services that improve the way people consume specialty coffee. 

Elevating coffee beyond commodity from all ends is our approach to the business. Whether you grow the beans, brew them or are building your coffee brand, our resources and expertise extend to producers, new baristas, cafes and home-brew enthusiasts. We lend solutions and support within the community and inspire expanding knowledge in every element of its making.

Of course, if you simply want to drink great coffee or need the tools to brew it at home... we’re here too. 

We’re curious-minded, perfection seekers committed to roasting and brewing the best coffee. After all, coffee is what keeps us going.


Our goal is to create and inspire a caring coffee community with Education, Expertise and shared Empowerment.


Our HnH 'Experience Bar' is coming soon to Thailand!

In the mean time, please visit us online here or our Facebook and Instagram pages for your favorite coffee and equipment.

If you are in Hong Kong, our shop is located at 69 Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong  



A coffee shop and a retail boutique in one, Hazel & Hershey is a haven for aspiring baristas! Peruse the shelves to find an extensive collection of brewing tools and equipment, as well as top-notch beans from different regions.