Barista Tools

With the right tools and equipment, baristas can demonstrate their brewing skills, as well as ensuring the perfect blend of your morning cup.

If you are a new comer on your Coffee Brewing Journey, without the good barista tool you will get a big hurdle in improving your skills. If you're an experienced barista, you will need good tools to work with your job to maximize your technology.

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CAFELAT | Robot Levelling Tamper
1,980.00 ฿
CAFELAT | Robot Hands
1,155.00 ฿
CAFELAT | Robot Manual Espresso Coffee Maker
14,990.00 ฿
15,990.00 ฿
Barista Hustle Black Tamper
1,990.00 ฿
2,400.00 ฿
CAFELAT | Home Knockbox
1,290.00 ฿