Home Brewing

For regular caffeine-addicted home coffee brewers, having the essential tools is a must to satisfy your daily caffeine call.

Looking for something beyond the essentials? Are you more on Filter or Espresso Brewing? Click to explore for options.

Hazel & Hershey is the official distributor of certain coffee merchandises, that not only assure you the product quality, as well as the excellence after-sales service, also taking your home brewing "business" to the next level.


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CAFELAT | Robot Levelling Tamper
1,980.00 ฿
Hario V60 Paper Filter in Box 01
139.00 ฿
CAFELAT | Robot Manual Espresso Coffee Maker
14,990.00 ฿
15,990.00 ฿
CAFELAT | Home Knockbox
1,290.00 ฿