Coffee Snob

A coffee snob would rather drink water than drink old coffee. 

A Coffee Snob is not ok with Starbucks or Mcdonalds...etc. (definition by urban dictionary)  An individual who cares about what coffee or coffee mix drink they put in their mouth. 

Have you started meeting pals for pour-over rather than seeing the boys in the boozer? Do you have a favourite independent shop, know what beans you like, and how you want them ground? Do you know which coffee-making apparatus crafts your ideal cup, and what temperature you like to drink it? Maybe your coffee drinking has gone too far and the basics are not able to satisfy your taste bud for Coffee. 


Are you a Coffee Snob?

No Denial you are a Coffee Snob
- straying into the realm of serious caffeine geekery (and annoying everyone around you as a result) - if you fit 2 or 3 or even more out of the below. 

1. You have a pour-over station at your desk
2. You won't be seen dead in a chain
3. Your order takes a while
4. You need a thesaurus to describe your coffee
5. You know what "single estate" means

Here comes with the coffee gifting recommendations, covering both Coffee Tools & Accessories as well as Coffee Beans, from our team to possibly satisfy your (or your coffee snob friend's) coffee desire!  


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Ethiopia Rose Honey
From 690.00 ฿ - 3,040.00 ฿
Comandante | Red Clix
1,190.00 ฿
1,490.00 ฿