B E A N S | Coffee Subscription

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The solution to freshly roasted coffee from classic brews to globally-loved roasters 

Introducing....... H&H Coffee At Home - A Coffee Subscription for those essential mornings, made especially for coffee lovers and addicts.

Getting out of bed is hard. Some days you just want to skip the line at the coffee shop and wake up to the smell of fresh coffee waiting for you. 

To help you reach home brew perfection with cafe-quality freshness, we’ve designed our coffee subscription plan to include tailored options according to your coffee preferences (and new beans from local micro-roasteries to experience.) 

Have your favourite coffee in mind already? Great! Our coffee beans are roasted and shipped every first week of the month for your morning coffee, right on time.

Or maybe you want to browse a bit and test the waters before you commit to the brew. We like the sound of that too. Tell us how you like your coffee and get matched to our selected coffee collection. Each box is curated just for you.

Every once in awhile, we meet a local roastery crafting amazing coffee. We’d love for you get to know each other.

Your coffee box will have something loved, something new and always, something blue. Enjoy fresh coffee on us without the fuss or an exciting new palate to discover each time you order. 

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