Cupping Gear

Cupping is a quantifiable and widely used method of analysis for a coffee sample. At Hazel & Hershey, we cup our 

The best way to improve is to keep practising – especially with other people. Chris tells me, “Practice makes perfect, and cupping with others is always better than cupping alone. 

Every coffee on the table needs to be treated the same way without bias. Coffee cupping doesn’t necessarily require special tools, but there are some which make the cupping process easier. Before I get to my list of equipment, our number 1 tip is: 

Start With An Open Mind - This is the number one tool for the job.

Followed with some simple cupping essentials set up:
A Burr Grinder - Timer - Weight Scale - Cupping Spoon - Cupping Bowls - Electric Kettle

Also good to have, 2 glasses of rinse water, cupping forms, sample trays, silver plated cupping spoon. 


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