Espresso Accessories

Espresso Accessories For Every Home Espresso Setup.

Making espresso at home can be quite a challenge. There are many variables to control, the equipment can be fussy, and the espresso can be hard to troubleshoot because it tastes so intense.

Thankfully, a complete espresso gear setup relieves quite a bit of burden and makes it easier to thrive as a home barista. Knock box, tamping mat, milk frothing pitcher, scale, shot glasses and an optional tamper! 

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CAFELAT | Robot Levelling Tamper
1,980.00 ฿
CAFELAT | Corner Tamper Mat
990.00 ฿
CAFELAT | Tamper Seat
290.00 ฿
CAFELAT | Home Knockbox
1,290.00 ฿
Barista Hustle Black Tamper
1,990.00 ฿
2,400.00 ฿