Your Coffee Leader

I wanna be a barista

"When I was a little girl, I was maybe around 10 years old when I started using one of the first versions of the Nespresso machine" said Cherry, our Barista. 

"I love coffee shops. I could spend hours there listening to the never-ending rumbling of people chatting, chairs being moved around, sounds of spoons hitting cups, of the espresso machine coughing once in a while, the smell of warm coffee and foamed milk, heated croissants and ham sandwiches. It’s where I feel good, at peace, and where I can concentrate the best." said Alizée Baudez, a coffee lover aka. briasta wannabe. 

Are you one of them? Are you ready to turn your love of coffee into a career? Have you ever dream of making coffee? 

Good coffee means good quality beans and a fantastic roast.

But to change the way people consume coffee, we think coffee secrets should be that everyone involved is excited about how great the potential for speciality coffee can be. 

So, shall we? Let's explore and get to know more how to further develop your passion in coffee.  

We offer exceptional coffee training with SCA accredited barista skills, brewing, sensory and roasting courses. Check out what we do...?