Kilo' Precision Automatic Tamper

Kilo' Precision Automatic Tamper

31,690.00 ฿

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Kilo’ is an Automatic coffee Tamper designed for the busy coffee shop where speed, efficiency and consistency are required. Our goal is to “deliver a perfect level tamp for every shot, regardless of the barista on duty". The downward tamping force ranges from a light 3 Kg to a heavy 30 Kg, and users can program the machine to tamp a single coffee bed up to three times, each at a different pressure. Baristas may choose different numbers and pressures of compressions for different origins prepared in different doses and grind settings.

  • The unit is hands-free. The barista inserts the handle which activates a proximity sensor causing the tamp disk to lower. The pressure and number of tamping are programmable by the user from 3 to 30 kgs of weight. The pressure is adjustable on the fly, with a conveniently top located touchpad.
  • Cleaning is straightforward and is only required once a week (more for high volume cafes


  • Tamping Disk: 58mm - 58.4mm - 54.6 mm
  • Tamping pressure: 3 to 30Kg
  • N. Tamping profiles: 3
  • N. Tamping : 1 to 3
  • Speed: 0.8 sec/tamp to 1.4 sec (3 tamps)
  • Power: 220-240v 60W
  • Weight: 3.5 Kg
  • Voltage/Frequency - 100-240 Vac / 50-60 Hz
  • Power - 60W
  • Weight - 3.5kg
  • Dimensions - H 290mm - W 114mm - D 240mm
  • Tamper Diameter* - 58mm / 58.4mm / 54.6mm