Panama Savage Geisha Natural

Panama Savage Geisha Natural

1,420.00 ฿

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Origin: Panama
Farm: Finca Deborah Savage
Producer: Jamison Savage 
Variety: Geisha
Elevation: 1800MASL
Processing: Natural
Roast Level: Medium Light
Harvest: 2020
Flavour: Blood Orange . Honey . Black Tea

Regarded as the producer of some of the best quality coffees in Panama and the world, Jamison Savage and his coffee farms are frequently heard and represented on the world stage at various competitions. 
With the farms Finca Deborah and Morgan Estate already part of his production, Jamison is beginning his next stage of coffee growing with a new venture: Savage Coffees.
Savage Coffees are grown by producers rooted in a deep respect for their ecology while sharing core values of sustainability, quality, and innovation. The terroir, or environmental conditions from which these coffees are produced, is ideal for fine coffee production. 
All of our coffees are shade grown, strictly hard bean, and grown in nutrient rich, volcanic soils. From agronomy to harvesting, processing, to preservation, Savage Coffees is unparalleled in its attention to detail. Every consideration is given to improve quality and maximize the flavor experience.
Savage Coffees is a pioneer in advanced, alternative coffee production and processing. Many of our coffees have won national competitions around the world and have placed consistently in the finals of the World Barista Championship and Brewer’s Cup.

Degas / Flavour maturation period:

Roasted coffee beans (Coffee) take two to four weeks resting after roasting, filter roast(medium light to medium roasting) and espresso roast(medium dark to dark roasting), basically the darker the roasting the longer the time needed. Degassing aims to letting excessive carbon dioxide (byproduct from chemical reactions during coffee roasting) out from the roasted coffee beans for better extraction and brewing results. During the period of time, the flavours of the Coffee will be maturer as well. Drink within 3 months from the roasting date, and before someone else does.