B E A N S | Filter Roasted

Espresso roast for espresso machines, filter roast for manual brewing. This is where your preference for brewing method kicks in. No wrong answers here, just choose what you like to drink best.

A filter roasted coffee has been less developed in order to retain more of the sparkling acidity that a filtered cup of brew desires. So if your coffee is prepared manually via a pourover or an immersion brewer / dripper or Aeropress / Delter Press, then you should be seeking bags with a filter roasted label on them.

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Ethiopia Iron Lion Zion #12
From 780.00 ฿ - 3,425.00 ฿
Ethiopia Uraga Washed
630.00 ฿
Ethiopia Guji Goldcrest Natural
From 630.00 ฿ - 2,765.00 ฿
Ethiopia Rose Honey
From 630.00 ฿ - 2,765.00 ฿
Gesha Village Chaka Natural
From 695.00 ฿ - 1,690.00 ฿