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Looking to get a coffee fix from the comfort of your own home? 

Pour over. French press. Brew duration. Water temperature. You can refine your brewing methods and techniques all you want, but at the end of the day, the coffee beans 
you use are going to have the biggest effect on flavour. 

Check out the highlight of the Three Newbies: Goromo, Royal and Dulce. 


How much do you know about Washed Coffees?

Washed coffees are clean: they allow you to taste all the delicious flavours of the origin and variety, from a sparkling acidity to that hint of sweetness or a floral aroma.

So, give it a sip and enjoy the taste of those notes of origin.


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    Ethiopia Uraga Washed
    630.00 ฿
    Ethiopia Guji Goldcrest Natural
    From 630.00 ฿ - 2,765.00 ฿
    Colombia Emerald Mountain Washed
    From 490.00 ฿ - 2,150.00 ฿
    Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kedida Washed
    From 550.00 ฿ - 2,415.00 ฿