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Why do so many baristas and specialty coffee lovers continue to adore washed coffee? What is the flavour of a washed coffee?

Traditionally, a washed coffee has employed water mainly to wash off mucilage after the coffee has been fermented over time with turbulent water. The mucilage comes off and then the coffee is dried.

Washed processing is best suited to coffees with a great taste profile. With a washed coffee, you are tasting the coffee itself – the origin, the coffee variety, the terroir – and not the impact of the processing method. 


1. Sorting - 2. Pulping - 3. Fermentation - 4. Drying 

Washed processing is one of the most common, and popular, types of processing in the coffee industry – and for good reason. Washed coffees are clean: they allow you to taste all the delicious flavours of the origin and variety, from a sparkling acidity to that hint of sweetness or a floral aroma.

Let's explore our washed coffee collection. Give it a try and enjoy the taste of those notes of origin.

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Ethiopia Uraga Washed
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